Academic Coaching

We offer individual coaching sessions from grades 1-12. 

We can help you with all core subjects including Math, all Sciences, E-LA, and Social Studies.

Additionally, we have elementary specialists that focus on literacy skills such as reading and writing, since they are the foundation for all learning.

Inertia Plan


4 Lessons / Month

(once a week)


$60 / hour for extra lessons

$275 / Month

Momentum Plan


8 Lessons / Month 
(twice a week)


$55 / hour for extra lessons

$500 / Month

Group Classes

Build Your Own Class


Invite up to 5 friends and build your own math, literacy, or science class. The more friends you invite the more each of you save.

Our fun and engaging classes use role playing and gamification elements to cover foundational curriculum for each grade level. 

Each class includes 8 hours of class time + 2 hours of available office hours with the instructor.


Can't find what you are looking for?

As a small business, we are always willing to work with our clients to offer them the flexibility they are looking for. Contact us to request additional available services.