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Billing & Cancellation Policies

We offer pre-paid monthly plans, with special rates for additional lessons

> INERTIA Plan (1 Weekly Lesson)

  • 4 lessons per month (1 hour in length)

  • $275/month

  • $60/hour special rate for additional lessons

> MOMENTUM Plan (2 Weekly lessons)

  • 8 lessons per month (1 hour in length)

  • $500/month

  • $55/hour special rate for additional lessons

> MUSIC Plan

  • We offer Music lessons with highly trained and qualified music instructors. Please contact us to find out more, as our music plans vary depending on need.

We do not recommend hourly sessions because we know from experience that students get better results from consistent weekly academic support, instead of one-off, 'band-aid' sessions.  However, if you would prefer to sign up for hourly lessons (without a monthly plan), you can pre-pay for the amount of lessons you wish to incur at  our hourly rate of $80/hour. Requests for in-person lessons will incur an additional surcharge of up to $25/lesson to cover the coach's driving time and gas costs.

Our secure payment system will automatically charge your card on file for your monthly plan on the 5th of each month until you decide to cease services. 


We automatically prorate your charges when you sign up in the middle of a month, and on months that contain school breaks (such as Christmas or Easter) since students will be on holiday from school. If you are taking an extended vacation or break from your sessions (longer than a week) aside from the regular school breaks, please let us know ahead of time so we can prorate your monthly charges. We pause all plans at the end of the school year (June) unless clients request summer sessions. 

If you need to cancel a scheduled lesson, please do so with advanced notice to your coach. You may cancel a scheduled lesson with a minimum 8-hour notice. Cancelled lessons can be rescheduled anytime, between the time of cancellation and the end of the month.

Lessons missed with less than 8-hour notice will be classified as no-shows and cannot be rescheduled at a later date. 

Refunds will no longer be offered, except under extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of the administration. If you believe you are entitled to a refund, please contact us to request a refund and we will review your case.


To cease lessons and cancel your monthly plan indefinitely, please contact our office at 403 669 7140 or by email at, so we can cancel your monthly charges for the following month. You cannot cancel your plan directly with your academic coach, you must inform our administrative office.

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