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We are an academic support & tutoring company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, providing services around the globe through virtual platforms.

Not only do we provide one-on-one help, but we have expanded our repertoire to include summer and after-school programs based on gamification and role-playing as a dynamic way to learn.


We walk alongside our students through their grades 1-12 curriculum, in addition to training  them soft skills such as study habits, time management, planning ahead, test taking, etc.

Distance Learning
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At Momentum Learning, we believe in wholesome education.

All our leadership and most of our educational coaches are Alberta-Certified teachers; Alberta has one of the best education
systems in the world (according to  international PISA scores).


We are academic coaches, instead of tutors, because we go beyond subject-specific help to offer our students tools they can apply to succeed at any subject. Tools like time-management, motivation,
test anxiety, staying on top of their work, and other crucial soft-skills that
can help them in their academic journey.


We believe in encouraging students to fail as a fundamental
part of learning. 
We refer to this failing-forward.


We believe in the cross-curricular application of concepts.


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I began tutoring when I was in university to make ends meet. The increased workload created the need for me to hire and train more tutors to help me out, which ultimately has led to what Momentum Learning is today.

My passion for Education began in Belize, Central America, where I lived on and off for a few years while trying to figure out my life after high school. I helped some local missionaries run after school and library programs and that’s when I fell in love with teaching. My path was laid out for me from that day on: I returned to Canada to become a teacher and the rest is history.

In my spare time, I enjoy painting and playing miniature model strategy games. This sparked my ideas of gamification as applied to education.

In 2019 me and my family sold everything we owned and moved to Cartagena, Colombia with only 8 suitcases worth of worldly possessions. I am working at an international school and enjoying the process of teaching in a new school system, under different standards, and in a vastly different culture.  The process has stretched me, both personally and professionally as a learning designer and it has inspired me to pour that much more into Momentum.

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Zenon Berg

Zenon has found himself involved in education right from graduation - though it was often unwillingly. His own journey through school was fraught with trials, and teaching would be the last place he ended up. As the story goes, that’s exactly where he’s at now.


He brings with him a passion for connection - between teacher, students, and material. Strong learning skills cannot replace good teaching, but it certainly can mitigate less effective teaching. The passion for creating better learners has led him to gamification and the results speak for themselves. His experience has taught him that the students, no matter the age, can benefit from gamification, not only in learning, but in all areas of life. Proper gamification can also allow for a breadth and depth of learning, and the prioritization of which should be the focus that our current methods don’t.


If you have any more questions about us, please contact us.