Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an academic summer school? or a fun summer vacation program?
Actually, it is both. Our classes cover foundational curriculum that reinforces what kids have been learning in school and prepares them for the next grade level, and yet, our students never feel like they are attending summer school. That is because we utilize interactive storytelling, immersive role playing, and gamification to present educational concepts in a way that engages kids and keeps them excited to get involved and to advance through their educational adventure.

How many kids are in a class?
Our programs are led by certified teachers and because they are highly interactive, we like to keep the class size small. Class ratios are a max of 4 students to 1 teacher.

What does “No Parental Support“ mean?
It means you can actually have time off while your kid is in class, no matter the age group.  Other than some basic technical support for the younger kids to sign into class, they are completely hands off. In the past, we worked with kids as young as 6 years old and even shy kids did really well without any parental help. Take it from one of our parents: “My 6 year old actually kicked me out the room saying, “I’m good mom, I got this” as I tried to offer him support with his science class. He was so engrossed in the concepts and stories that he didn’t need or want my help, so I got to spend quality one on one time with my youngest daughter instead. It was fantastic!”

Do you use an app or virtual platform?
Not really. Our programs are so engaging and rich in story that they mostly occur in the kids' imaginations. We believe in creating instead of consuming and thus we encourage our students to do the same. Rather than relying on an interactive app for kids to “consume”, we engage kids right in their imagination and encourage them to be active participants of the creative process, from the setting to the story characters, students take an active role to imagine what the educational adventure looks like. We do use Google Classroom to connect face to face with students, as well as pen and paper. Depending on the age level, we may use various interactive educational tools to share the creative process amongst the classroom and uncover information within our stories.

You talk a lot about stories. Is this a writing class?
Story is one of the most powerful tools in human interaction. Story allows us to connect, create, engage, understand, sell, and remember. We offer Math, Science, and Literacy classes for all ages, yet they ALL have storytelling elements in them. We use storytelling as a vehicle into any subject or topic we want to teach, not only writing.

What is the schedule like?
Our summer programs are 2 weeks in length for an hour/day, for a total of 10 instructional hours. On Fridays, we provide an opportunity for the kids or parents to meet with our teachers one-on-one to get extra help with concepts, discuss characters or story creation or simply for parents to get feedback about their kids.

I don’t know if my kid would be into it, can I try one first?
Absolutely, we offer Free Demo Classes where they get to experience the class for themselves. Stay tuned for details on our Demo Classes



Create and tell stories together by utilizing Role Playing Game (RPG) elements.
In this class, students build their own characters and take an active role in a shared class story. Together, we will discover where the story will take us all the while practicing our literary skills for each age level.


Curriculum includes reading, writing, vocabulary and spelling for the little ones, to sentence structure, story arc, paragraph structure, and essay writing for the older kids.



Solve puzzles and challenges together by utilizing Role Playing Game (RPG) elements.

In this class, students will learn and practice curricular concepts while sharing a story. Mastering problem-solving skills and solving equations will unlock mysteries and progress through us through the story.

Curriculum includes, basic operations (+,-, x, ÷), estimation & number sense, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, functions, depending on age group.



Students use scientific knowledge and application to unlock secrets and progress through a shared story. From outer space, to the depth of the ocean, from a single cell organism to the largest of creatures, we will explore what it takes to sharpen our scientific inquiry. 

Curriculum includes world ecosystems, cellular make up, the future of our planet, mix and flow of matter, the scientific method, etc, depending on age group.

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